Late night shopping Level Awakening is complete. 10
Jogging Level Run from Beast is complete. 10
Subway Level Kurskaya station is complete. 10
Ruins Level Inside the Perimeter is complete. 10
Back to back Level Field hospital is complete. 10
Ominous silence Level Way to the Base is complete. 10
Heart of evil Level The Mound is complete. 10
Home sweet home Level The Base is complete. 10
Showdown Level Final battle is complete. 50
X-files All secret cocoons have been collected. 25
Snoop All gene cocoons have been collected. 25
Collector All close combat weapon has been collected. 15
Humanitarian You did not kill a single soldier when you were running away from the Beast. 25
Suicide The Beast has been killed by its own shot, reflected from the shield. 25
Immortal You have completed all levels without a single death. 50
Anonymous Alcoholic You have broken 50 bottles. 25
Explosives expert You have blown up 20 barrels. 15
Sportsman You have jumped 100 times. 25
Master of reflection You have reflected 200 shots with your shield. 25
Butcher You have killed 5 enemies in one 'rage' spell. 25
Blood bath You have killed 8 enemies in one 'rage' spell. 50
Overmind You have taken 30 aliens under control. 25
Cat's eye You have spent 15 minutes in Alien-view mode. 20
Illusionist You have killed an enemy with shots reflected from the shield. 15
Biologist You have collected gene material of every alien type. 20
Kick-boxer You have kicked to death 20 kamikaze. 25
Grendier You have killed 2 enemies with one grenade. 15
Senior Grenadier You have killed 3 enemies with one grenade. 25
Ripper You have killed the Terminator with a grenade. 25
Prybar master You have killed 100 enemies with close combat weapon. 25
Sharp-shooter You have killed 100 enemies with distant combat weapon. 50
Moscow saviour You have killed 100 enemies. 10
Planet saviour You have killed 250 enemies. 25
Galaxy saviour You have killed 500 enemies. 50
Vivisectionist You have dealt fatality to 10 aliens. 25
Fatalist You have dealt fatality to 25 aliens. 50
Post graduate You have achieved maximum level in one of the skills. 10
Bachelor You have reached maximum level in all of your skills. 50

Energy blast The Annihilator has been killed by a grenade explosion. 25
Deadly metal The Beast has been killed by a grenade explosion. 25
Alien DNA You disconnected a monster from the Swarm and it killed the Beast. 25

  • Immortal

  • Anonymous Alcoholic

  • Suicide

  • Energy blast

  • Deadly metal

  • Alien DNA

  • Bachelor